About Spirit of Asia Twin Cities Catering

Spirit of Asia is presented to you by its founders, David Hill and Sue Morales. David and Sue have worked together for 15 years in the restaurant industry.

David HillSue MoralesAlthough many of our recipes have an Asian flair, Spirit of Asia’s purpose is to present cuisine based on Asian principles of cooking.

The "spirit" of Asian cuisine is centered upon harmony, balance, pleasing contrast, color, texture, and style. Spirit of Asia presents all of these qualities to you using a variety of cooking techniques, no matter what style of cuisine we are preparing for your event.


Our cuisine starts from scratch and is prepared fresh at the site of your event.  We believe the key to our success is to never settle for mediocrity.  

We pay attention to details, preparation, and presentation.

Our reputation relies
on our client’s satisfaction. We care about getting to know you and offering personalized service.

Whether you choose one of our sample menus or customize your own menu from our various selections, we are always happy to do menu tastings, and we will make every attempt to work within your budget.

"I never worry when Spirit of Asia is catering an event for my organization. I would highly recommend Sprit of Asia for any type event, kosher or non-kosher."
-Sharyn Effress Pesses, United Jewish Fund and Council

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Sue also presents cooking classes, if you and your friends would like to learn our techniques. In addition, Sue has worked extensively with the preparation of Kosher food.

With Spirit of Asia, you will be able to relax and enjoy your guests. We will take care of all of your needs.